Kinder Surprise once again!!!

و انا اتمشى اليوم بجمعيتنا شوقني كاكاو كندر عملاق طوله تقريبا ٥٠ سم و داخله ٢٤ صبع كندر.



TSC Sushi Bar

ذاك اليوم لما كنت في مركز سلطان الشعب شفت عندهم سوشي بار فطلبنا منه سفري و الحلو ان كل شي تطلبونه يسوونه جدامكم حتى السلطه. بالنسبه للطعم ٧/١٠ الحلو فيه إن خفيف و ما يقعد عالجبد مافيه مايونيز و خرابيط بشكل زايد . احسن شي اذا كنتو رايحين سلطان تجيلون إنكم تطلبون قبل لا تحاسبون عشان ماتنطرون و انتو طالعين تاخذون اكلكم.

Recipe of the Week … yuMmY

hi all, it has been 3 days not posting and that’s long….

i would like to introduce my italian lunch recipe. the last weekend i have cooked a very tasty veggie pasta and stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer.

let’s begin with the stuffed mushrooms:

1.Remove the mushroom heads and wash them nicely.(don’t throw the lower part of mushrooms).

2. Prepare the filling: shredded qashqawan and permassan cheese, origano, onion powder, black pepper and i think fresh parsley will be add some taste.

3.Fill the mushroom heads with the cheese filling, place them in a pyrex (an oven plate) , add some olive oil on top and place in oven for 10-20 mins. let the fire on top and bottom.

let’s shift to the main dish…veggie pasta…

1. Boil the needed amount of penne pasta.

2. choose your favorite veggies and cut them very small. i have chosen(zuccini,carrot,mushrom(i have used the lower parts of mushroom)) you can add paprika,brocolli..etc.

3. stir fry the veggies with little olive oil, add your spices(black pepper, salt, origano,herbs).

4. add 2-3 tps of speggatti sauce.

5. Add the pennes and mix.

6. add shredded cheese.

and voila….. bon Appitite 🙂